Snowboarding Shoot | Kitzsteinhorn, Austria

We had a late dump of snow here in the German and Austrian alps so I went out to Kitzsteinhorn, Austria with UK snowboarders Rich Brown and Tim Ross. Perfect weather and great snow, a couple of shots down below!
As I had a backpack with avalanche equipment in it, I didn't have much extra space for the camera gear, so I had to pack pretty light. I took the Sony a6300 and Sigma 10-20mm on the MC-11 adaptor and they performed flawlessly.
Rich Brown dropping in Sony a6300, Sigma 10-20, 1/2000, f/10, ISO 100
Tim Ross lifting off Sony a6300, Sigma 10-20, 1/1600, f/14, ISO 100

Using iPhone as External Monitor on Feiyu MG Stabiliser + Sony a6300

The Feiyu MG stabiliser is great for shooting smooth video with my Sony a6300, however the gimbal blocks the view of the Sony's LCD screen making it difficult to see what you're shooting (see photos below).

Above: the rear gimbal motor arm blocks the Sony's LCD screen
Another disadvantage of using the Feiyu MG with the Sony a6300 is that you have to have the left side of the camera pressed up against the gimbal to balance it (it doesn't work the other way round), meaning you can't access the HDMI port to plug in an external monitor.

The LCD screen on the Sony is also pretty small, doesn't fully articulate and is rendered almost useless if you're shooting outdoors.

I found a solution to all of this when I realised that I could actually use my iPhone 6 as a wireless external monitor with the Sony PlayMemories app and the Smart Remote Control function on the camera.

Above: the Smart Remote Control feature on the Sony a6300 allows you to control it wirelessly wit…

The Lightest 4K Videography Set-Up?

On my latest video shoot for Muck Boot, I tested out what could be the lightest 4K videography set-up out there.

I was tasked with shooting a making-of video of a three day photoshoot out in the French alpine resort of Val D'Isere for a brand called Muck Boot. It was going to be pretty fast-paced, jumping between various locations around the mountains over the course of the three days. I knew that I would need to have access to all my gear at all times and to be able to carry it all on me without hindering the pace of the photo shoot.

Here's what I went for:

- Sony a6300 (shoots 4K video at 30p)
- Three lenses (Sigma 10-20mm, Sony 16-50mm, Sony 55-210mm)
- Sigma MC-11 Adapter
- Feiyu MG Stabiliser
- Manfrotto BeFree Live
- iPhone 6
- Perfect LCD Viewfinder
- Spare batteries, memory cards, camera cleaning kit

Total weight: 4kg

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Video: Fabio Wibmer's Crazy Urban Freeriding in Salzburg

Check out Fabio Wibmer's latest video shredding the steep steps and narrow passages of Salzburg's old town. Having lived there for two years myself, I always thought it would be an incredible venue for an urban downhill race!

Filmed by Hannes Berger.

Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot in Val D'Isere, France

I just got back from a really fun photo and video shoot in the mountains around Val D'Isere, France. 
The shoot was for a brand called Muck Boot that make high quality outdoor boots, including a series that have Vibram Arctic Grip technology for walking around on the snow. 
It was organised by the sports agency Brandwave Marketing with photographer Martin Erd taking the images and myself shooting video. 
We were lucky enough to have some really cool characters modelling for us too, including adventurers Lauren Morten and Jamie Sparks, who have both rowed across the Atlantic Ocean!
Some behind the scenes photos below:

Photo of your truly, taken by Jamie Sparks

Film: Cerro Torre feat. David Lama | Now on Red Bull TV

Finally, Cerro Torre: A Snowball's Chance In Hell is available to watch right now, for free, on Red Bull TV. And it even has English subtitles (the first time I saw this was in a cinema in Salzburg, all in German and didn't get half of the story).

The film follows David's three separate attempts to free climb the 'Impossible Mountain'. There's also a great insight into the struggles the film crew face on such a long and difficult project as well as a whole bunch of extra clips.

Watch it right now here:

5 Outdoor Sports Athletes You Should Follow on Instagram

Following on to my recommended photographers to follow on Instagram post, I thought I'd also mention a few of the best outdoor sports athletes I have on my feed...
Melissa Arnot Reid - @melissaarnot Guide, athlete, adventurer Melissa is a badass. She's climbed Everest 6 times and is the first American woman to successfully summit and descend it without supplemental oxygen. She's been a mountain guide since 2004 and co-founded The Juniper Fund, a resource to provide financial support to families of local workers killed in the mountains of Nepal. Her Instagram will fill you with inspiration to get out into the mountains more.

Candide Thovex - @candidethovex Skier Candide is a professional freeskier, winning many big competitions over the years, but is more recently famous for his jaw-dropping POV videos that have caught the world's attention. He's racked up over 38 million views on his YouTube channel and his Instagram continues to wow its followe…