Finished Video - Jamie Barrow's Snowboard Speed Record Attempt

The final edit of our trip out to Verbier has now been uploaded! Check it out here:

In the final part of my Event Photography Workflow guide, I'll be covering how I completed the project - the editing process that I went through and how all the work I did in Part 1 and Part 2 linked to this final stage. I'll go over things that went well and also the mistakes I made alone the way too.

Massive thanks to the people that made this project possible:
- Obviously Jamie Barrow for inviting me out there in the first place
- Joe, Geoffrey, Lewis and Sandrine for their help with equipment and filming
- The British Speed Ski team for being legends and lending Jamie a catsuit
- The crew at Verbier that held the event and the tourist office for giving us lift passes and lunch!

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