Drobo Ambassador

Last year while I was shooting a daily vlog at the Red Bull X-Alps adventure race, I was lucky enough to be supported by Drobo with their brand new 5D3 (a 5 bay direct attached storage device) along with three Seagate IronWolf Pro drives. The 5D3 was genuinely (I’m not just saying that) a critical part of my workflow, allowing me to backup all the video content I was shooting without the hassle of multiple external hard-drives and also edit the videos directly on the Drobo with Final Cut Pro X thanks to the fast Thunderbolt connection.

Now I’m honoured to say that they’ve made me an ambassador! I’m part of an amazing group of creatives and you can see them all here: http://bit.ly/2oowEh3

And here’s the official blog post announcement they made: https://goo.gl/GwqJC6

It’s great to be supported by a company that produces a product so integral to my workflow as a photographer and videographer, thanks Drobo!

Thanks to Matt Badenoch Photography for the great profile picture!