Via Ferrata – Lachenspitz Nordwand Klettersteig, Austria

Last week we got a tip-off about a klettersteig we hadn't heard of but was only 40 minutes away in Tannheimer Tal. 
You start by Vilsalpsee (you can drive up to the parking by the lake before 10am) and walk 4.2km to the base of Lachenspitz Nordwand, passing Vilsalpsee and Traualpsee.
The klettersteig then goes 300m straight up to the summit. It's not very long but there are some D and E sections, so I wouldn't recommend it to beginners.
From the top you can walk back around to the Landsberger Hütte for a beer and then back down the same way you came up to Vilsalpsee.
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 Landsberger Hütte, Lache and Traualpsee from the Klettersteig

 The top of Lachenspitze (2126m)