How to get a good sunset shot…

I wanted to get a decent sunset shot, here’s how I went about it.


Obvious first step, find out when the sun goes down where you are and make sure you leave enough time! If you’re going up high you’ll have a little bit more time…

I then used Google Images, Maps and Streetview to determine the best angle and location:


I packed:
– D7000
– Nikkor 200mm (I needed the zoom)
– Tripod
– Remote trigger to get sharper shots
– UV filter if you have one (shouldn’t point your lens directly at sunlight)
– spare battery and memory cards

At Location

I went out to the location with plenty of time to spare. Set up, waited, moved, set up again and waited some more. Take sunglasses as you’ll be staring at direct sunlight for an extended period of time! To prevent damage to your camera and lens, try not to point it at direct sunlight for too long, even with a UV filter.


After getting about 100 shots, I took them home, processed a few in Lightroom 4 with the Wacom Intuos5 and here’s the one I was happiest with:

Camera Settings: 1/80, f/20, ISO 200
Lightroom 4 retouching: exposure +0.25, contrast -9, highlights -45, shadows +100, clarity +100, vibrance +34

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