‘Into The Mind’ by Sherpas Cinema – Review, trailer and behind the scenes footage

Into The Mind is that good I’ve only owned it one week and I’ve already watched it all the way through, three times. The guys at Sherpas Cinema have done an amazing job here, combining breathtaking cinematography with a storyline full of meaning and metaphor. I’d highly recommend this to any climber or snowsports fan, but it’s so well done almost anyone will enjoy it.

I found it particularly fascinating to watch from a videographer’s point of view as it was obvious the guys had a clear overall concept for the movie and they must have put a huge amount of thought and time into each shot. One of the best scenes is the use of time-lapse clips of nature moving in time with the in and out breathing of an injured skier as he lies in a hospital bed after a nasty wipe out. Very clever and brilliantly done.

Check out the trailer:

The film is described on www.sherpascinema.com as:
“… a story of rising to the ultimate challenge.  Having the courage to risk fatal exposure and the perseverance demanded on the quest for achievement.  These are not solely physical feats, they are mental conquests.”

Here’s a great interview by Outdoor Journal with the Sherpas Cinema directors, Eric Crosland and Dave Mossop.

The film was also co-directed by JP Auclair, Leo Hoorn and Renan Ozturk. Renan features quite a lot in this great BTS video, worth a watch:

Athletes that feature in the movie: Callum Pettit, Kye Petersen, Xavier De Le Rue, Jp Auclair, Tom Wallisch, Eric Hjorleifson, DCP, Samuel Anthamatten, Johnny Collinson, Angel Collinson, Benji Farrow, Austin Ross, Ian Mcintosh, Ingrid Backstrom, Chris Rubens, Renan Öztürk, Jimmy Chin, Mark Abma, Conrad Anker, Izzy Lynch, Rush Sturges, Matty Richard, Julian Carr, Stan Rey, James Mcskimming, Joel Loverin, Rory Bushfield, Kris Erickson, featuring Karma Tsering

If you’d like to watch Into The Mind, you can buy it here as a DVD or a download.

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