My top ‘Royalty Free’ music websites

For my online videos I often need a music track. I can’t afford to pay the thousands of dollars record companies charge for a track by a ‘famous’ artist, so I use some of the ‘Royalty Free’ music websites out there to get music that is just as good.

Here are my favourite sites that provide music either for free if you credit them on your video or for a small fee for no accreditation. (Kevin MacLeod) – free with accreditation, $10 for no accreditation. – free with accreditation, $10 for no accreditation (Rick Clarke also RicKVanMan) – free with accreditation, £3 for no accreditation. – $9.95-$60 per track, $99-$299 to subscribe. – $39.95 per track – previews protected with voiceover (annoying if you want to try before you buy!). – $14 per track – previews protected with voiceover. – $30-$130 per track – can’t download a preview (annoying when editing!). – can only buy albums rather than single tracks – $70-130.

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