Paul Guschlbauer’s Fly Overland Project

Last year I filmed and edited a daily vlog for Red Bull athlete Paul Guschlbauer while he took part in the X-Alps, a two week hiking and paragliding adventure race. The vlogs went really well and after the race Paul told me about his plans to fly a bush plane from the northernmost point of Alaska to the southernmost tip of Patagonia in a project he was calling Fly Overland. He already had his pilot’s license and had flown a bunch of times in Alaska already, so now it was just a case of preparing everything for such a long and ambitious adventure. We went out to Alaska a month after the X-Alps to check out his plane and film some more vlogs:

Fast forward to today and after many many hours of blood, sweat and tears, his adventure has started! The plane is looking sick with a whole redesign by Austrian artist Emanuel Jesse. With him is videographer Aidan Don and they’ve already created some awesome vlogs documenting the prep and start of the trip.

It’s going to be insane. They will be going over 18,000 km, crossing 14 borders and doing a bunch of paragliding and other adventures along the way. Their plan is to film everything and release a new video each week, so make sure you subscribe to his channel.

Like any self-funded trip, they need your support so check out their Indiegogo page where you can contribute and receive some wicked perks.

You can follow the whole adventure on Paul’s Facebook and Instagram channels, as well as the main website for Fly Overland.