Judging a Photo-Comp on Photocrowd

The photography competition website, Photocrowd, just launched a new comp on the theme of ‘Bucket List Moments‘ in partnership with Drobo (the prize being a Drobo 5N2). And being a DroboExplorer ambassador, they asked me to judge the competition!

“Capturing your bucket-list moments is one of the best ways to look back at your most memorable experiences and is an extremely rewarding skill to have. The scope of where these pictures can be taken is endless. We want to see your best images taken in moments you won’t ever forget.”

Having worked on the photography team for the Red Bull Illume competition in 2016, I had to go through every one of the 36,000 submissions, so I am familiar with the process!

The deadline is 4th September 2018, so Sign up to Photocrowd to enter and check out the competition here:


Also, if you’re just interested in getting yourself a Drobo, you can save yourself 10% by using the code DROBOJON in the Drobo online store.


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