Red Bull Illume Image Quest Competition 2013

The Red Bull Illume Competition is back on again this year for the third time and I plan to submit some old and new images. The competition is ridiculously tough with both amateurs and professionals submitting their work. In the last running of the comp in 2010 there were 22,764 photos submitted by 4,773 photographers!

The 10 categories are Close Up, Experimental, Energy, Spirit, Illumination, Lifestyle, New Creativity, Playground, Sequence and Wings.

The judges will choose 250 semi finalists and whittle that down to 50 from which they will pick the winners for each category. They will also have an overall winner, athletes’ choice and peoples’ choice.

The deadline is 30th April 2013 and luckily I’m heading out to Verbier with snowboarder Jamie Barrow again to film him attempting the British snowboard speed record on the 16th. During this trip, as well as filming the whole thing, I’m going to try and get some awesome shots of him riding that I’ll submit to the comp.

Check out the website here:

And video:

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