Shooting in the Alps!

Been in the French Alps the past week with the family testing out all my equipment in the rain, mud and wind.
The Nikon D7000 was everything I hoped for and it withstood downhill mountain biking, a D+ Via Ferrata climb and all the extras nature had to throw at it.
I couldn’t get enough of my Rokinon 8mm Fisheye, it was just brilliant for both photo and video, super sharp and fun to play with.
My Dakine Mission Photo backpack was really great, keeping all my camera gear secure and dry as well as having loads of space for extras, including clipping my Camlink tripod onto it. Having the rear zip access to the bag is ingenious, making it much quicker to get access to my camera and all the lenses.

Via Ferrata, France, originally uploaded by Jon-W.
Things I’ve learned from all this outdoors shooting:
– Take extra batteries and memory cards
– A remote flash and a wireless shutter release for the sport element of outdoor shooting would be very useful
– Always carry some form of lens cleaner and lens cloth!

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