The Top Five iPad eMagazines You Have To Download

Last year I designed and produced an iPad eMagazine for Mike Ross Africa Travel, called The Safari Review.  I was already aware of and actively reading a number of iPad magazines but during the concept stage, I must have downloaded over 100 different magazines looking for inspiration and ideas.

In doing this research I discovered that was there was only really a handful of decent eMagazines out there. By this I mean they were interactive, well designed and had interesting content. All the rest seemed to be either poorly designed, hard to navigate or just static pages with barely eligible text.

Here are my top five:

The RedBulletin – made by the guys at RedBull Media house, this is the first really well made eMag I came across. Fully interactive and packed with videos and photos, each article has its own unique design with content ranging from sports, athletes, music and even city guides.

Wired – The least you would expect from this great tech magazine, Wired really put a lot of effort into their eMag. They lead the way in terms of interactivity, adding something different to each issue that hasn’t been done before.

Adidas Outdoor – Surprisingly good iPad magazine by the Outdoor branch of the popular sports company Adidas. Although it seems to lean more towards climbing than other outdoor sports, the magazine is very well put together and has some stunning photography.

Audi – Like their cars, this magazine by Audi is sleek and modern, giving you an insight into the company’s latest news and products.

Ski and Snowboard (The Telegraph) – The Telegraph have got the content spot on in their eMag, with entertaining articles, resort guides and gear reviews. They’ve also added a good amount of interactivity and media.

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