Video: Avalanche close call – Rohnenspitze, Austria

While skiing down the north face of Rohnenspitze in Austria, I set off a small surface avalanche and you can see it in the video below as it brushes past the tips of my skis.

It was April 30th and the avvy warning was a 2/3 that day. There had been a fresh dump of snow after a week of warm weather, so not enough layers to form a slab. My skiing partner was watching me from above and we both had receivers, shovels and probes.

Learning from this experience, although I stopped to the left of my skiing line, I really should have stopped much further over to the left on a higher ‘safety island’.

At the end of the video you can see us checking out the remains of a previous avalanche with boulder sized chunks of “beton schnee” or concrete snow. That would have been a different story!

Video and map below:

Shot on GoPro Hero 3+ with chest mount

Blue marks the spot