Perfect LCD Viewfinder with Nikon D7000 Review

Got myself this cool piece of equipment the other day:

The Perfect LCD Viewfinder

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It was very simple to attach it to the LCD screen of the D7000; you just stick the screen protector on and leave it there ideally overnight and with pressure applied to it (I left some small weights on it for a few hours). The screen protector then acts as the adaptor that the rest of the viewfinder attaches to and it simply clicks on and off. I immediately noticed how much easier it made filming on the Nikon D7000. You have the rubberised eye piece to look through which can be rotated for left or right eye preference. This allows you to see a 3 x magnification of the LCD screen. You can then flip the back section up to view the screen as normal.


– snaps on and off really easily
– 3x screen magnification makes DSLR filming easier
– back of viewfinder flips up allowing you to view LCD screen as normal
– cheap! (mine was £40)


– LCD screen isn’t that sharp when magnified
– not the best tool to help focus and stability (but a cheap alternative)

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