Pixoto and TWIP

A couple of shout-outs for an amazing website and podcast that I’m a big fan of:

Pixoto.com – an awesome site that lets you rate photos against each other, you also upload your own pics to battle it out in the ImageDuel against other users’ pics. And there are prizes for winners in each category! The clever points system they have make it addictive to keep playing and uploading your own. Just by participating in the voting, it helps you gain a sense of the ‘x-factor’ you look for in a photo and I’ve found I don’t necessarily vote for the technically perfect image…

TWIP (This Week In Photo) Podcast – This has been around for a while but I’m a newcomer to it. Great podcast hosted by Frederick van Johnson about all things photography related. It’s light-hearted, easy to listen to and full of interesting content – I come away from every podcast with a bunch of new websites, apps and gadgets that I have to check out.

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