Upcoming Projects

So, to get anywhere doing this whole photography malarkey, I’m going to need a solid portfolio of personal work and to help this I’m going to need to do more projects where I focus a body of work on a particular subject, event, place etc. In terms of future clients and where I’m hoping to get to, I’ll have to try and push for projects that have a connection with the things I want to be doing.

Possible upcoming projects:

– My friend Michelle Adamos is a drag racer here in Perth, one of the few professional female drag racers. She needs ‘professional’ looking photos for her website and has asked me to do them for her. And if they turn out good, she’ll pass my details on to other drag racers, bring it on!

– Jamie B, the snowboarder I mentioned earlier, needs photos and videos for his website too. Next time I’m back in the Alps we’ll be organising a week of shooting to get that done.

Ideally I want to be doing commercial, extreme sport and travel photography. Especially the snowboarding, these projects could really help me develop a relevant portfolio.

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